Safety Information

To attend our walks you need to be reasonably fit, prepared to be responsible for your own safety, and to supervise any children in your care. Appropriate clothing and footwear is recommended. A bottle of water, an umbrella and an extra layer wouldn't go amiss. The British weather is notoriously changeable!

Stamford is an historic town and sloping streets, uneven pavements and narrow passages add to its unique character. Steps are included on the route. Our walks take approximately 90 minutes, are you comfortable walking and standing for that length of time? If there’s any activity you are unable to do or if you have a concern, please contact us before booking.

We stick to footpaths and use pedestrian crossings where available, and are emergency first aid trained.

If you have any pre-medical conditions or injuries that may affect you walking, please let the organisers know before the start of the walk and if you feel unwell during a walk please let your guide know.

Standard Disclaimer

Your participation in the guided walk is at your own risk and we shall not be held liable under any circumstances for any matter arising out of your participation. We accept no responsibility or liability for loss or injury (other than for matters for which we are not legally able to exclude or limit liability). We have public liability insurance.